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tobester70 says

Hi. I get to this… “First, let’s change the background color, choose any color and click here to continue once you are done.”... in the tutorial guide but it won’t let me go any further . Nothing else on my entire monitor screen is clickable but “click here to continue” which doesn’t do anything. Can’t move on, can’t get out of it. I’ve tried it on both Google Chrome (v 35.0.1916.153) and Firefox (v30.0) but get the same result. Could you please advise. Many thanks.

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contrastblack Envato team says


Please note that this is a public forum, and your questions can only find a reply from the respective item’s author.

Please be so kind as to post this message via the appropriate channel (to which I see you’ve previously posted regarding your ‘missing stylesheet’ issue. Happy to hear you’ve resolved that one btw :) )