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MjBiller says

I am new at this, but in the Modernize theme I have chosen which widgets to have in the footer, and I have chosen the 4 column style for the footer in the General>Footer Style admin panel.

Here is the problem, the footer is showing up with all the widgets in just the left-most column, with nothing else showing up to the right.

Am I doing something wrong? Please help.

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charlie4282 says

Hi, it sounds like u have added all the widgets under one location setting. It’s a little tricky to really help without seeing the code but check wp-admin widget menu and it should have the locations on the right hand side – make sure in EACH footer section there is just one widget and that they are not all just under the tab for footer area 1 or left depending I what it is called.
I do no knowbthebtheme so these settings could be in a custom theme menu area-if you want me to take a look email charlie4282@hotmail.com
Good luck

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GoodLayers says

Check this out > http://www.diigo.com/item/image/20ecz/mo06

For further question, please go through our support forum ;)


Thank you! :)

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wadevanlaius says

I have a weird problem too – the Footer of my static landing page suddenly just moved to the left and is no longer in the center. Other pages are OK. Can’t really explain it.