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MSFX Moderator says

hmmm, I can do both.

I find if I get up early I feel productive because by the time its 9am i’ve done a couple of hours work ahead of “everyone else”...

That said I find I work exceptionally quickly late at night into the early hours and so I can never make my mind up :D

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KingDog Envato team says

Very interesting discussion :)

I guess I’ve trained myself to be a morning person now; wasn’t like that in school. I find getting up a 7 am works well for me, although with the winter sun coming up so late, I’m finding it hard to get myself up and motivated when it’s still black as the ace of spades out.

I would defiantly say that switching to mornings has made me more productive, but it does make me tired by 9pm :)

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cmoreira says

I’m still trying to find out how I work better. And as I plan to work on my own for the next couple of months, this is a helpful thread.

When I have an office job, I find it painful to wake up before 9am. And mornings are never productive. I don’t like coffee, so I don’t drink anything to ‘wake me up’, I think that’s one of the problems. Also, I don’t fall asleep easily, I often have insomnias as my brain is super active at night.

Currently I don’t have an office job, so my cycles are all messed up, since I don’t need to wake up in the morning. I’ve been waking up at 1pm and going to sleep at 5am. And what I found out this last weeks about how my body works naturally, without externally imposed schedules:

- The first hours after waking up I can easily answer support emails, and do work that doesn’t require much creativity.
- Then, when my body is fully awake I feel like doing physical stuff, which lately it’s cleaning and packing, since i’m in the process of moving to another country. Cooking and shopping and other stuff would be included here also.
- Third part of the day, is to relax, spend time with my girlfriend, watch a movie or something, etc..

- And then comes the most productive part of the day: when everyone is sleeping and there are no noises and distractions it’s when I can do most of the creative work: coding new stuff, solving bugs, writing, having new ideas, etc.

This looks like the way my body work. But I would love to change it, I like the sunlight and my girlfriend complains about my strange schedules all the time. But it’s not easy to change my body natural clock. Any tips for me?

Good thread guys. I like to see how your routines are, and your opinion on the subject. I’ve seen some good tips on how to improve productivity.


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adriantry Envato team says

I’m loving this discussion. :)

Like I said, at the moment I’m mostly a morning person, and I started work that way. When I was at school I was normally out of bed around 5 am. My first job was shift work, so I discovered that I could be productive at any time of day (and learned to go to sleep at any time of day/night too). I’ve also been a night owl at various times of my life, regularly going to bed around 1-3 am.

Right now there are some variables in my life that make having a consistent timetable and body clock difficult.

1. My wife is a nurse and does shift work. Some days she gets home at midnight, and I’m tempted to wait up for her. Other days she sleeps all day and works all night. My wife’s varying schedule makes it hard for me to have a consistent one.

2. Three of my teenage kids work at McDonalds, and need lifts to and from work. One may start at 5am, and another finish at midnight. From time to time they finish work at 2 or 3 am. When I stay up late to pick my kids up, it’s hard to get up early. Also, they rarely finish on time. If I arrive at Maccas at say 11pm, I may be waiting for 20-30 minutes for them to finish, so I usually bring my laptop with me to get some work done and make the most of the wait.

3. My youngest son is just 4 years old. He can wake up early! But given the lack of routine in the rest of the family, he also often stays up late, so doesn’t always wake up early. But once he’s awake, he needs attention!

For me, the benefit of getting up early is the lack of distractions. It’s the only time that no one else is awake. If I get up around 5am, I can usually get at least three hours work done before taking the kids to school. That’s useful! And it takes the pressure off the rest of the day.

Keep the discussion going!

PS. It’s my 27th wedding anniversary today!

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Australia says

Happy Anniversary, just had our 25th :)

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urbazon says

Happy anniversary Adrian! ;)

On topic: I’ve discovered that I think/work better earlier in the day. As the day progresses, I became more and more tired. There are some exceptions (like last night, I felt so alive and worked until 2am) but it’s generally like this. I often get up in the morning, around 9. Not as early as others mentioned (like 4 or 5am) but I still get to have a big sunny portion of day.

Thanks to SportTipWorld’s first post, I’ve realized that I need a consistent work-time period. My schedule right now is so irregular and disorganized and I have to make myself to get into some kind of routine, which I believe will bring more productivity… I’ve read somewhere that it takes about 20 days for a person to get used to a certain routine/habits, so I might get back here in about 20 days and discuss more :) Only if Christmas and New Year don’t distract me from work :D

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amzee says

Morning – for work Night – for rest


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Stylius says

Very interesting discussion indeed. As a student I have to wake up at 7am every morning, but I’m a zombie until 12 am. I’ve never been a morning person, I’ve always worked at nights, and believe me, I’ve stayed way too many nights awaken.

But I think I need a change, actually I’m gonna set a goal for 2013 which will be to become a morning person. Thank you for the link Adrian! ;)

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BenSheppard says

I wake up at about 7:40 on a week day for work or about 9:00 – 10:00 on the weekend and I won’t do anything until about 12… it’s currently 12:30 and I haven’t started work by about 23:00 I’ll be working at my prime

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FinalDestiny says

I wake up at 11 AM. Definitely not a morning person, not even close :D But I don’t think I’d change that, there’s no point in having the same schedule as a normal employee when there are so many advantages of being self-employed.

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