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erikdiamond says

Please visit http://www.stevenfurtick.com.

I would like to see a theme here that is similar to that website. I like how they arrange a endless mosaic design for images quotes and twitters. So far I saw pressgrids and multigirds, but not what I want.

Let me know if you know anyone who is working on theme like that.


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webdesignerart says

This website have simple mansory grid with no any effects but unfortunately i didn’t also find any theme like this. We ll you need to hire some freelancer to do this custom work.

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AlexFjord says

Webdesigner art is right you will need to get it built. It is just a masonary/metro style blog that has been very nicely styled.

There are themes here you could use as a building block like “One touch”, “Metro style”, “Everest”, or “Matrix”