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FamousThemes says

I know there were a lot of discussions about support forums separately from the comments section, but I do have some questions, maybe somebody with experience can give me some answers.

Building a separately support forum, and write under each item, and profile page that support is available only on the separate forum will totally move all the questions from users to that forum ?

Or there are users that even don’t bother to read that “support is only available there” and continue to leave comments, and write emails ?

Can anyone say an estimate percentage of how many users read the details under the items and ask questions on forums, after you have build your forum?

Does anybody have some kind of separate well detailed FAQ section, as a solution to a forum. And it worked better that a forum.


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OriginalEXE says

I can tell you from experience that there will be people posting in your comments section even after you set up the support forum (I work as a support guy for one author).

What you do in that case: - if the question is general ( for example, is it possible to do this with this item, can this be easily changed… ) you answer in the comments section.

- if the question is more specific, like, how to customize this, how to change this color, how to remove this, you direct them to open the thread in the support forum.

This way you save yourself a time because other people will be reading forums too, and many of them will come across the already posted solution, that way you save time. Even if the ask the same thing, you can just copy and paste the link to the solution your have already provided for someone else.

So yeah, I would say, go with the forum.