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jarenwicklund says

I have been doing fine uploading via FTP for the past few months until tonight. After a couple batches of 30 or so that went thru well, the little triangle next to the photo file (where the model release file is located) now disappears when I click on it to bring down the Model release file. I tried logging off and on, clicking all over but the MR file never reappears. When it magically reappears briefly after a reconnect, I put a MR in there just to have an error of “550 Failed to change directories”.

Is this something I caused by clicking wrong? And if so, what can I do to set it right so I can upload the MR? Thanks!

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KingDog Staff says

I haven’t heard of any problems with FTP yet. Can you open up a Support ticket and describe exactly what you’re doing to get the error – http://support.envato.com Thanks! :)