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hasta says

Dear All, Happy Easter! :)

I’m having a difficulty with the multilanguage mode for my WP theme. I’m not sure if it is a problem or it actually should be like this:

1) I haven’t translated all content fo website so far, but I have all mo and po files done, so I expected that the website could be displayed in English in other languages mode as well, while I’m translating it gradually. However, the vertical menu (categories), products inside (posts) are not displayed in other langauges at all. Just emptyness. Why so?

The question is it possible to copy all English content into other languages mode? it will be very convenient to work on, as it allows to see the progress, how much is done, etc.

2) More importantly, is it possible to copy all images (from categories, posts and so on) from English version to the other languages automatically? I find it extremelly time consuming as it needs to re-write all imges names so that they coincide with the slug of a post in the other language, and then.. find mistakes made :) correct, and so on…

Is there any way to copy all images from English mode to other languages mode?

Any suggestions?

Thank you. Taya

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wpthemess says

Hi Taya maybe you can use translate plugins for your website maybe it can be help your problems. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/search.php?q=multilanguage&sort= if you can use plugins for your website you don’t need copy images for that each language.. Also other ways you can export and import db to your website all images and contents will be copied to your website. Make sure back up your website first) ;-) have a nice day…