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BoxyStudio says

I’m working on about 4-5 different Wordpress themes, each one with the same basic layout, but much different looks (colors, etc).

Should I upload each theme separately or all together as a “theme pack”?

Personally, I’d like to do both. Is this legal at ThemeForest or no? I want to have each theme available as a separate purchase, but also provide a file that has all of them for one price.

Any thoughts?

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kailoon Reviewer says

I think you can make one which allow user to switch theme, since the layout is almost same. Then create a single theme with different layout :)

In doing WordPress theme, there are too many possibility. But the best practice is to give more option to the users.

Just my 2 cent.

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MarkBrodhuber Staff says

This has come up in the past one Flashden, where an author uploaded a “pack” and then uploaded everything in the pack individually. I am not 100% on what the decision ended up leaning towards. So we will need Collis to confirm this. But from what I remember I believe its one or the other. Having both would allow for duplicate files. And people could abuse it…upload a pack 1 day, and then wait a while and upload the individual files, giving the author an unfair level of exposure that other authors do not have. Sort of like getting your files on the front page twice type of thing.

In video, I always leaned toward providing a pack whenever possible. Because they generally get priced higher, and provide more options for the buyer. The more flexible and usable the file is, the more sales it will receive. So if you are working on one file and then just tweaking the colors, then I say upload as a pack.

If you upload them individually, if they are really the same theme with different looks, you will fall under the rule of 3 variations anyway, and only 3 of the individual files will be allowed to be accepted.