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aslesen says

We want to have a flash-based interactive map that navigates like Google or Bing Maps but uses our own maps designed at multiple resolutions for greater detail when zoomed in. All the controls I’ve seen zoom and pan on a single image (apart from the before and after ones). We want to have the full zoom out view to be simple and the zoomed in view(s) to have greater detail. Maybe this could be done by using an index map that links to more detailed maps in another part of the page, but the ‘continuous’ pan/zoom effect is the most desireable. We want to have hotlinks on the detail maps that bring up data entry forms and report pages. The map extent is local to regional so we’re not talking about the whole world here. We might be looking at three scales of maps. Any ideas?

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ravenwill says

Hi Aslesen,

I’m available for freelance work and could probably help you with this project.

I’d need to discuss things further with you so please email me at:




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sidigrid says

Hi Asleen, We already have the base work done for the use-case of your requirement. Ping me through my page or at sidenvato@gmail.com for more details.

Regards, Sid.