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willneeteson says

Hi everyone, I am new here and have just been reading all the comments, forums and just trying to a general sense of the community here. And what a great bunch you are!

I have been working for the past two years with adobe muse and have come to a point in which I think my templates can be sold here. But I am slightly unsure of how to begin, does anyone have any advice or tips?

I was also wondering if I could include an adobe edge animation with my templates, is that possible?

Anyways, any advice and help would be much appreciated!

Thanks, Will.

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Bedros says

If I were you I would absolutely test an Adobe Muse Template and see. Some fellow authors may not agree with me (and of course they don’t have to) but I think the programs (environments) like Adobe Muse is the Future. They may not sell much now, but I think it will change.

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loveishkalsi says

Yes you can add Adobe Edge Animations in Adobe Muse Template. All you have to do is include the edge file in the main download package.