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Designerprozzz says

Hi i am new to community, i have plan to upload muse template to themeforest. But i don’t understand how do i create muse documentation. Should i document edit process also, just like change texts, images like that?

Or should i document intallation process only (step to open theme in muse) ?

Any one have muse template document?

I will use edge animate too, so should i document full instalation process & edge animate widget edit process too(codes like that) ?

I found envato notes but that was not helpful for me. http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/474/85/adobe-muse-submission-requirements

Thanks , any help is very much appreciate! Sorry for the big questions ;( ;( !

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asifnm7 says

Personally I think that because muse is an offline software with a monthly subscription the users will more than likely be professional designers who will have a good understanding of must, because let’s be honest it (muse) was created for people either lacking developer knowledge or anyone who wants to speed up the process of designing a site, by keeping the process simple. Therefore they will know the basics of changing type or adding or amending images and mostly changing variants in a widget, so I really can’t see that you will need to go into the type of details say a wordpress, joomla or opencart theme would require.

But that’s just a personal opinion and I would like to see what some of the developers/users think.