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yramarad31 says

Unfortunately your submission Alexandro – Responsive HTML Portfolio Template isn’t quite ready for ThemeForest and requires significant improvements and changes before it can be resubmitted and reconsidered.

Additionally, we have some extra feedback for you:

Unfortunately your submission doesn’t meet our current minimum quality requirements for the category it was submitted to. Please consider taking some time to familiarize yourself with our current library and quality levels of popular items before resubmitting.

We appreciate your submission and look forward to seeing your future submissions.

What can i do? Theme http://alexandro.webbi.org.ua/

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Nitro_Themes says

Man I think it’s pretty good but add more stuff in it. i like it.



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IsotopeThemes says

Hi Yarmarad31,

-Add a some mouse hover effects, right now the design does not respond to any mouse movements. You should also consider adding few more images because I see lots of repetitions. Add some more effects to the “about us” page, it’s too plain, it’s not as per themeforest standards, check the work of other famous authors, there are those little effects which give a awesome feel to the design.

There are many little mistakes like the logo does not link to home page. Try studying the currently successful themes.

Hope this helps :)

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drsankarl says

hi, current minimum quality means that your HTML template does not validate. you have 7 errors for html validation and 14 errors for css validation. Once you get this done re submit and if they dont like your template, the next message would be not having aesthetic and technical requirements. so first things first, validate and re submit. all the best.