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Firsh says
Thanks Firsh for taking time to writing into such great detail. Though I have not gone trough all the galleries available in ActiveDen, is there not any gallery with CMS which do this ?

I don’t know. It’s not that obvious. I looked into oxylus’ gallery with CMS , I don’t know if you can add folders and folders automatically reading the files inside..

The only places I have seen this feature before is coppermine gallery and a really good but simple gallery module for joomla. We have a few ongoing works in which we are required to place 200 to 3000 pictures in a gallery. It must have a CMS back end. Its’no problem if we have to use coppermine, but it’s such a waste when there are so many great flash galleries out there.

It’ll be a pain in the * adding individual descriptions to the pictures, we just want to speed up the process as much as we can.