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Hi all.

I’ve already got 2 times the rejection of Reviewer, so I would be very happy to hear your feedback on my new site. I would be grateful to any opinion and tip.

Message from Reviewer
The overall quality of your submission does not meet our aesthetic and technical requirements and will need to be improved before being resubmitted. Unfortunately we’re not able to provide more specific feedback for your submission at this time.

My little problem

life is beautiful, be happy :winktongue:

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Hey there!

I’m sorry that no one has been in touch with you regarding this matter.

Your theme is very appealing to the eye at first, however, the first thing I noticed was that the theme’s transitions were very slow and laggy.

Also, you should consider adding more sections to the site.

Otherwise, a great theme. Well done and good luck with getting it accepted.

Sam :)