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simlos says

hehe, i never said 100% cause of the assets (textures) i used, i think felt_tips is right, 100% means (ae only) procedual textures and animations out of the box.

i remember – i bought a template three years ago, and the elements were animated like an baked animation (every frame a keyframe). so it wasn’t useable for me! in the description stood “expression controlled” – inside only a “wiggle” for camerashake.

for me the way to go is between, describing the truth and using assets for better looking and faster render times. its the same in freelance life, don’t promise things – you can’t hold. i always have a smile in my face if i hear something like that “yes,yes,yes that’s no problem…”


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Vectorica says

I agree 100% with felt_tips. A product that says 100% AE means that only contains a single file, the . aep file. No textures or pre-renders, even without any Illustrator file either.
If into the build folder is another file that is not an AEP or txt report, then it is not 100%.
If the product says 100% and it is not, you run the risk of many complications with the buyer.
This is 99.9% my opinion.

Happy holidays to 100% of you.