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Hi everyone,

I need an advice because I am confused with a client.

A client hired me to create his website on a freelance site.

I created his site, asked him for money. he said that his credit card is expired and he will pay me after 1 week.

I was sending mails for 2 weeks to him but got no reply.

Now, he replied and said that he is going to sell the website and will give me 30% commission.

his step-father expired and funeral cost was so huge and he doesn’t have any money to pay me.

what’s wrong with this guy?

I already coded the flash files such that they will be expired and will not work after few days from now.

but, anyone know why he is behaving like this. he is from Europe or US. does funeral cost is so huge there?

I am sorry, I am an asian and I don’t know about all this.

please advice.

thanks in advance.

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Always (always, always, always) ask for 50% in advance for any kind of project, even if is your mother who hires you. :)

Far from joking, it doesn’t mather how much his funeral (if it’s true) cost, not paying you for that is like running outside a restaurant after dinner for the same reason. Try to give him facilities, like small payments during x weeks. In my opinion, is better that you don’t tell him about the expiration. He can use it against you, like “ok, i’ve no website, you have no money).

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Envato team
pezflash said
Always (always, always, always) ask for 50% in advance for any kind of project, even if is your mother who hires you. :)

A truer statement was never uttered when it comes to freelancing. Always get some of your money upfront and don’t fall for the “I’ll pay you later” scam.

The bad news is that you probably won’t see a penny of your money. The good news is that you probably won’t make the same mistake again. We’ve all done it and we’ve all learned the hard way :)

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So I think we must got 50% fee for start work, then don’t send the client all source files before got 100% fee.You also can upload the project to your host for the client view the progress. Just my idea. Have no money payment,don’t start your work. :)

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Do not give him anything, just be cold hearted man, it’s not your business about the funeral, you were asked to do a job and you did it but the dude don’t want to pay but i smell BS here as you explained. I think the guy is just lying and he probably thinks that you will give him your work for free cus of the death so you feel bad for him. But screw him. It’s not worth fighting over it he probably did not have the money to begin with. And if the death is true, it still does not change the business agreement between you and him.

Sorry man, next time before you start ask for 50% of the full price in advance. I was screwed a few times and i will not do anything until i see some cabbage(money).