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mattgaul says


I’m no expert at this, and I tried the elegant-looking “Black Label” theme, and but it was so complicated it nearly made my head explode.

Can anyone recommend something similar that won’t give a dabbler an aneurysm?


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WPWiseOwl says

Since you found “Black Label” to be “so complicated” then you’ll be likely hard pressed to find anything simpler that will fit your taste. As it is, “Black Label” is one of the simpler themes available. It’s even built on an very popular open source and widely documented framework called Bootstrap if you wanted to look under the hood. I suppose it’s a good thing you didn’t try to wrap your head around a “Multi-Purpose” theme, you probably would have perished before writing your post. – LOL.

You’re not expected to understand it all at once. Take it in small doses / bites. Did you read the included documentation? Did you contact the author for support (not through these forums – not what they’re for)?

Check out this book – http://digwp.com/book/

If you’re in a hurry and can’t afford to take it slow then your best bet might to be to simply hire a professional to handle such matters for you as brain splatters can be rather messy to clean up (according to what I’ve seen on TV). ;-)