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wideawake4749 says

Hey guys:

My website is www.romeospeaks.com When you go to the page you will notice the video at the top left. I am looking to get an email subscription widget (mail chimp) in the blank space next to the video. I also want the widget to look cool versus some of the standard ones in Wordpress. A great example of how I want it to look and be laid out would be www.notsalmon.com I only know how to add it to the footer and the sidebar on subsequent pages other than the homepage. Just don’t know how to put it right at the top like most well known bloggers do. My theme is the Soul theme. The theme allows for that video block to stretch out to 940x width. It’s currently set to 500x width which is why there’s white space. I don’t know how that plays into being able to utilize the blank space for the widget. I’m guessing it doesn’t take much time at all. I’m just missing something basic I’m sure. My email is romeo@romeospeaks.com Thanks for anything you are able to do.

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Marvidude says

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tc_marites says

Hey! I’ve sent you an email. :)