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centraldeprospectos says


I am looking for someone who is an expert in various software platforms to work on corporate image project that includes the following items:

business cards powerpoint template Letterhead A4 compact disk ebook cover email template custom logo design folder design facebook, twitter, youtube template custom banner design

My idea is to purchase all those items from the different marketplaces and submit it to someone that knows how to customized and connect the image I want for my business.

Those interested please let me know so we can discuss an estimated price and any questions or details not covered in this post.

Thank You

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fionaR says

Hi centraldeprospectos,

I’m a freelance graphic designer and I’d be interested in working with you. Please get in touch through my profile or email me at fiona [@], if you’d like to work together.

Thanks, Fiona

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GraficAndMedia says

Hi, drop me a Email throug my Profile? Havel nice Day.

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Giallo says

I’m interested. You can write me g_86 [at]