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_rohan says

Hi – I need a bit of help in choosing a theme. What I’m looking for is something without a slider of Cu3er or anything. In fact, I want something which doesn’t require me to come up with images for thumbnails or blog posts or anything.

I really don’t have too many large or small images to display. I’m looking for a template for a personal website for myself. More of a blog, but preferably with some decent page templates for other stuff. It isn’t really a portfolio.

I prefer Wordpress, but HTML is fine – I can convert it. if you want to plug your own work, go ahead. Or suggest others themes if you wish. But the most important thing is that user-supplied images should be as minimal as possible.

Thanks for the help!

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cudazi Staff says

Keep in mind when browsing that many images/tools are totally optional but it’s easier as an author to add the image in vs. explaining what it would look like if an image was there… Happy browsing!

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CreatingDrew says

Moved to item requests so users may provide their own links, best of luck with your search :)