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VilleKlassik says

I have implemented (or attempted to) a script that i bought here, but I have come across a few snags.

code can be found here: luxuryfam.com (under latest models).

I can’t seem to find the div titled “slidesholder” anywhere in the script…but it can be clearly found in firefox using inspect element. I need to change the height and width parameters of slides holder.

Also, I have a similar issue with the div “content_wrap”...I have it’s height set to 308px, but it is still displayed around 490…so subsequently, anything i put under that div is roughly 180px down.

Similar issue with the div “slides”...I can’t seem to change it’s height value.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

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Pixelworkshop says

Hello, this is a general forum, there are few chances to get support from here. You should contact directly the author instead :)

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codern says

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