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KotaroDesign says

Good day fellow readers!

Recently I have uploaded two different business cards to graphicriver and unfortunately both of them have been rejected. Now I am out of ideas of what I could change. Below are both of the business cards.

http://0.s3.envato.com/files/46851944/Preview.jpg (soft rejected) http://i.imgur.com/Wuhf46l.jpg (completely rejected)

I highly appreciate your recommendation and feedback.

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hawkmax says

Hey bro,

Second one being a hard reject there is nothing that can be done about it.

for the first one being a minimalistic design is a tough nut to crack well i ll give it a shot for some scope of improvement.

First try and put the address in one line and center align it.

Second we can make the swirl under john doe a golden gradient or a color gradient. Do the same with the border rectangles. If you going with a color gradient try and use some bright shades and make the text a little darker cause once the colors come in it will take the focus off from the text.

That is what i would do if i were in your place.

Good Luck hope It gets approved.

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UnknownDepths says


The Business Card that was soft rejected seems to have a notable contrast in differences on the front and rear of the card. The front (name side) seems to be very simple and elegant; not a single angled line (not including the font or the card’s right-angled edges). But the rear (information side) seems to lose the elegance of the front with the inclusion of the grey “border bars.” The rear I feel may work best if somehow you managed to incorporate the flowing ribbon-like graphical elements into the design (and maybe even use it/them in ways to separate areas of information somehow). I would remove the bars because they are only seen on the rear; or, if you feel they should be kept, I would somehow work design elements of a similar feel into the front of the card for consistency.

For the completely rejected business card, I feel the large brown “stripe” going across the card’s front (name/title side) may be getting in the way of the simplicity of the design. The only other elements I see similar to it in the card’s entire design are the upper and lower “movie title bars?” on the front and rear. I think it may work better for you to try playing with just the circle and name on the front, while doing away with that large stripe.

If you feel the large stripe is a valuable design asset, then I would say see what happens when you align the circle with “John Doe” inside to the left edge of the card. Take the “Graphic Design” and position it to the right of the circle, vertically centered in the large stripe. Play with the tracking, italics and boldness of the two words (of both the name and profession title) to see what you may be able to come up with. By changing the alignment of design elements in this manner, you get something similar in feel to the alignment of the information icons you have on the rear of the card.

For the name and title on both the front and rear of the card I might also try playing with the tracking of the fonts; in a way that would make the first and last name look like their alignments are “justified” and enclosed in a rectangle or square text area. The same for the “Graphic Designer” title on the rear.

Keep us posted on your progress.

- Nun Kwon

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wallfish says
I said this to someone before in a similar instance. The first as well as the second are minimalistic card designs. Which in fact are easily available in the marketplace. There are a little arrangement and size issue. But just after a little search I bet you’ll come across some of the similar looking designs. I only worry about two thing before putting up a design.
  • Is the design already present on the marketplace?
  • Would I buy it for what its sold.

Good luck man!

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