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icepack24 says

I am trying to create a three layer “fade effect” movie clip and not heavens calling it would work.

1. I have images pic1, pic2 and pic3.png. 2. I have all three images converted into symbols (animations) in fireworks. 3. In fireworks the fade effect can be applied to these image by changing the opacity but the actual fade needs two instances; one to play the fade in and the other plays out. 4.These images being converted in animations will later be imported by flash 8 pro. Upon import i get more files than requested and I am not sure if it’s a preference issue. 1. I get a bitmap file which i would think represents the image in the original saved ‘png’ state. 2. I get a fireworks folder that hold like 4 copies of the image as animations. Only 1 of the 4 holds the image, others are blank. Trying to makes sense of this; it looks like the two instances are being imported into Flash. But why 4 animations file representing the same image?

The main movie clip would include the three animations. I want a timeline of a 105 frames. 1st layer:Pic 1 Fade 2nd layer: Pic 2 Fade 3rd layer: Pic 3 Fade

Pic 1 is motion tweened from frame 20 to 30; frame 31 blank keyframe and then motion tweened from 95 to 105. Pic 2 is tweened from frame 20 to 30 and the from 60 to 70. Pic 3 60 to 70 and 95 to 105.

The effect needed is: between 20 to 30 pic 1 fades out and pic fades in… between 60 and 70 pic 2 fades out, pic 3 fades in and between 95 and 105 pic 1 fades in while pic 3 fades out.

I am not sure where the problems lie. Can anyone provide some help? I can be reached at 646-257-2040.

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scottwills Envato team says

I would recommend controlling the fade/alpha values within Flash rather than Fireworks. This can be done either through ActionScript or within the timeline using motion tweening. Creating the effect in Flash rather than Fireworks will give you more control, allow you to make changes quickly in the future should that be a requirement, and it will also help keep your filesize to a minimum. Hope this helps! :-)

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icepack24 says

Woohooo… I did it without AS coding. Thanks.

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