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Hi there

I am 20 years old and I started learning html / css last summer. Since then I have moved on to jquery and php. Right now im learning php. I have also been educating my self on any kind of design proccess. I visit dribbble like everyday.

I have tried to create my own templates to sell on here but never actually made it. I just find my self questioning everything I do. Is that good enough? Will it sell? After a few days I always quit. I started off completely on my own and im trying to follow my dream. Though I think that I miss some guidance. I would be very happy if someone on here could help me create my first template. By giving me some feedback on my work or some sort of tips. Im really trying to make this work.

If you feel like helping Please add me on skype : remi.pokerface

Thank you in advance

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Hey there!

I’d love to be your ‘mentor’ or ‘beta tester’.

I’d rather contact you via email, so please contact me via the contact form on my profile.


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Great post Remi, welcome to Envato and the challenging world of web development. Good luck dude