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icreativesol says
http://icreativesol.com/home.jpg http://icreativesol.com/portfolio.jpg

need ur feedback on website layout please help me

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Themico says

Hello, some of points from my point of view:

1) Active menu item in the oval – not technically possible (or hard to realize). Don’t forget that you designing a website, not a print art;

2) Too simple and standard design concept – a lot of templates with the same idea, structure and content… This is important.

3) Teasers (Design, Develop…) need more work on spacing, titles, ‘read more’ button;

4) Portfolio slider – it’s very-very simple, basic level;

5) “About Us” and “Latest News” – looks like from this point you become very lazy and want to finish your template as soon as possible. This part look like from old free template.

6) Footer – poor and generic.

Good luck!