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elbire says

Hello everyone, I desperately need your help. I bought the Neighborhood Theme last week and I’ve been having problems trying set up an online shop, just as I saw in the Neighborhood Theme. I installed all the plugins needed and start building my site, but I found few problems.

1.- How to change each product “WC-NEW-BADGE”, or set up without it. There must be a way to do it without changing the code.

2.- I created 4 products, they display okay as I set up with the Swift Page Builder. But when I resize the page it only displays one, and there is no way to see the other three (No arrows on the corners).

I would really appreciate your help. Thank you very much.


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BenSheppard says

1. You don’t have a purchase badge. 2. SwiftIdeas has a support forum – I work on it.

Feel free to buy the theme and join the forum, I’ll give you a hand there.

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SwiftIdeas says

Hi there,

All support is carried out through our support forums. This allows issues and changes to be searchable, and to create a better community for users to help each other out.

Click here to access our support forums – http://support.swiftideas.net/


- Ed