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My girlfriend’s brother bought her an HP Mini 1000 for a college grad. gift. Of course I get my hands on just about any electronics in sight and it didn’t take long before I was tinkering with it.

It supposedly has a full sized keyboard (seems like it to me). It came with 1GB RAM , 1.6Ghz atom CPU (single core, I think they have duals now) and a 16GB SSD . The screen is only 8.9” I think, don’t really remember. The SSD in it is slow as snot. It’s the weakest link in the whole system. When it was running on Windows I did some tweaks and added a “ramdisk” (4gb sd card) and that helped a lot.

With a fast HDD or SSD , it’s a pretty snappy little system for sure. Add another gig of RAM in there and it’s a decent little toss around coding / blogging system.

It’s also one of the easiest systems to install OS X on. Now I have Coda and even Photoshop running on it (on a netbook! lol). Until I get a new SSD that’s about 50x as fast (no joke), I won’t be using it much and my girlfriend doesn’t use it much anyway. The new SSD is about $90 and the system was $300 I believe. To bump up the RAM to 2Gb it’s $30 shipped.

So, total cost for a 2GB RAM , 1.6Ghz (hopefully dual core atom now) CPU , 16GB SSD netbook running OS X = ~$420

Not bad if you ask me. :-)

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My asus is an old model, not available anymore:


9” screen. At the time it was a great deal. 160G HD, upgradable to 2G Ram (from standard 1G). Much better specs than Dell at the time, at a much cheaper price.

I got a netbook because it was really inexpensive… didn’t really need it to be ultra portable as i never go anywhere with it! :)

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I bought my mother the HP Mini 1000, with the 10” screen. I’ve played with it, of course. While I think browsing the net in an airport would be GREAT on it, I could NEVER use it for general computing let along actual working.

And the Mini 1000 is like 95% full size keyboard. It’s close to full-size but not-quite totally there. Not hard to type on, but definitely small enough to have to adjust when you first grab it.

If you are going to get a netbook go with either the HP or the Dell, I believe one of the Dell’s are PERFECT hackintosh candidates. All of the hardware is supported, and you could install OSX on it pretty easily.

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@jarel & rzepak & MarkBodhuber – Very interesting information guys – thanks a ton for sharing. That’s pretty much the type of feedback I was looking for. I’ve been narrowing down to the new 11” EEEpc, the new Aspire netbook, and the HP and getting some hands-on feedback is helpful. I never really trust online reviews simply because I’m paranoid enough (or smart enough) to realize that there’s a lot of gaming the review system going on.

I was once offered $$$ to write fake reviews for Amazon from a pretty reputable company – which pretty much ruined by view of anonymous reviewers (needless to say I turned the project down outright).

Anyways, any additional information from people out there is still very welcome – it sounds like as long as I pick one of the newer models with a “90% +” keyboard I’ll be fine – which alleviates my initial fears that the tiny keyboards of the earlier netbooks would cripple any work that I might get done. Again, I have a superb at-home rig, just looking for a way to write minor theme code and answer emails on the fly (or while I’m in between classes).

Oh – Jarel – PS running on a netbook is pretty funny :) I can see it being useful though if you’re just trying to crop/resize web-res images.

Anyone have hands-on experience with the Dell netbooks?

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I have a Asus eeePC 901 (9” with 2 solid state drives) and its pretty damn nice. At the moment im dual booting windows XP and Jolicloud ( a flavour of ubuntu) and its pretty sweet.

Im looking forward to the netbook version of windows 7 so i can chuck that on because supposedly it blows minds!

One thing i will say, the HP mini note has a far superior keyboard.

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