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sevenspark Volunteer moderator says

@Parellelus, good points, and well put.

Parallelus said
I’m sure Envato is not only aware but probably discussed this topic many times in the past. If it’s not being worked on right now, I have no doubt it’s on the agenda . These guys are usually 2 steps ahead and I’ve been impressed by their forward thinking business style, solving problems before they become a major issue.

I actually brought up a similar point (in the vein of making it easier for customers that want to be able to go beyond the basic licensing terms), and Drew mentioned that Collis & the gang are having a meeting on this: http://codecanyon.net/forums/thread/any-update-on-multiusedeveloper-or-volume-licenses/54130?page=1#494192

Not sure if it’s already happened, but this would probably also be a good topic for them to discuss at the same time.

I guess the trouble is just striking a balance between flexibility (different licenses for different situations) and simplicity for the customers (i.e. not required to digest legalese).