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DT Baker derp

+1 derp derp :)

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Yes yes, this is exactly what we wanted since long time ago …

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I am liking everything so far – simple, elegant, mimimalist, slick keep up the great work :)

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search for something you get the best matches. You change the filter to sales. it works.

you go to second page is back to best matches.

the old search interface is broken. don’t know if the new one works but even if it works you can’t play with the search devs. Do this good or just leave it be if you can’t do it.

Not all buyers have the patience and knowledge to debug the marketplace all day.

Some of us have a beta badge. Instead of going live over unsuspecting users use your beta users pool to test this new things. We will be more than happy to help the dev team. At least I was till microlancer services adds where pasted over my portfolio page.


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Envato team

Nice, can’t wait to see it :)

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I think the changes to search and sort are definitely welcome. However maybe its just me but that “3D” style is an eyesore I mean the perspective doesn’t even make sense, its like the button has been smashed upwards.

Trends can be followed but a nice solid button with some 3px rounded or squared off corners is just timeless, it will always look good and doesn’t clash with the rest of the site.

All the new changes stylistically are looking half baked.

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I didn’t read through all the responses here so my thoughts have probably already been expressed, but I’ve tried on 3 occasions to get in touch with someone at Envato so I could make recommendations and give some feedback. I’m certainly no power account here, but barring the last month I’ve averaged $500 USD in purchases I believe per month, so it’s pretty clear I do a LOT of commerce here. I asked for a person to contact with a list I’ve come up with of things I think are very important. I didn’t get a response. I then took a survey I was asked to fill out, and I explicitly asked in the comments to be contacted because what I had to say really needed more space than a simple comment box. Nobody ever contacted me.

I then sent a direct email to support asking who to contact with feedback, and never got a single reply….

To me, there is nothing that should be more focused, and expanded than your search features. I will use the new items, but there are still some seriously lacking things that need to be there.

I am certain it’s costing sales that there are no options for searching and browsing projects (I purchase mostly VideoHive After Effects projects, but I would guess a variation of what I think is needed would help elsewhere.

There should be some very granular control over searches. Some things, to me seem very obvious yet don’t exist. What I don’t understand is the tools sometime do exist on other areas. For instance, on AudioJungle I can add vars to the query to limit my search by length of the track. Just three days ago I had a requirement for projects that were under 5 seconds in play on Videohive. now, I realize that I could edit the cameras, and effects and scenes to reduce the time, or raise it if needed, but most times these projects are geared to be static in time, they aren’t dynamic (and I’m not sure how they really could be) but buying a project that is built for 20 second run is complicated to edit down to a 5 second result, and maybe not even really feasible. I gave up looking. and when I asked in the forum for suggestions…... most of the replies were simply by authors of projects, but the fact that nobody had any real suggestions is telling.

Another problem, that is apparently not going to be fixed by the upgrades, is sorting by sales. I don’t know if you realize this, but sorting by sales is virtually pointless. Here’s why. If I search on themeforest for a WordPress theme, and I sort by sales, I’m going to find that the results don’t show me what I need. It shows me the overall sales. Well that’s not relevant. Most times you’ll end up getting results from themes that were built YEARS ago. Because they’ve accrued a higher number of sales than anything new. But what if I’m looking for something that’s really hot right now. I want to search and sort by the sales, but I don’t care about results from projects that are over a year old, because they are much less likely to have the updates of the newer technology. This is critical in this day because with HTML5 things are very different. Qualifiers should be much broader and I for one really need to be able to chain variables. I want to sort by sales in the last 6 months. Or maybe I want to sort by sales in the last 6 months, but only projects that have woocommerce. That’s not possible. And I don’t see any of that changing with these features. The sales and ratings sorting are pretty much useless because they cannot be qualified. Sort by ratings and you end up with pages of results from files that are year’s old, sales, same result.

I was so frustrated at one point with the lack of the most simple search tools that I sat down one day and went through literally, 400 pages of video hive projects to bookmark the items I felt were good enough for my needs that I could use them. I will guarantee you that there are many projects that I’d probably buy that I will never get because they aren’t easily, or reasonably accessible

I believe there is a very large number of sales missed due to the simple fact that there are not the tools we need to be able to search. I don’t understand it because I understand database queries and db management and these are things that are pretty much basic level requirements. People want speed. but not even speed is the issue here, it’s not even a feature that’s possible. now I could understand to a point that length isn’t searchable on videhohive and it is on audiojungle, because it’s probably not a tag that’s specified. but shouldn’t it be? Sometimes I want a project that’s over 2 minutes. how would I find that?

I hope these things get focused on at some point, but it’s going to be very difficult to suit the needs of your users when you have someone almost begging to give feedback and even after repeatedly asking, can’t even get a response.

I LOVE this place, and I think overall the site is very functional for what it presents. It’s just missing some things that the only thing I can figure is there are concerns with resource usage so the tools are not presented. But again, I am comfortable saying I have missed the opportunity for numerous sales because the tools to find the products I need don’t exist.

I really hate making this long post complaining, when the truth is the good far outweighs the bad. But the bad part is those things i mentioned aren’t luxuries, they’re critical.

I have a list of things I really hate not having, and a couple things that would drastically speed up finding things, but i think i’ve hit on the two most important issues that I have.

by the way, I should add, my recent drop in purchasing (which this last 30 days has been substantial) isn’t due to frustration, is it just me or is there much much lower numbers of stings/openers being posted on the AE side, and way too many slidehsows?

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This is a great post by FastNOC, who is a very active buyer here and therefor should really be listened to, as he has real first hand experience with the marketplace.

And I think every author will agree to the points he raised. Right now what you are doing is removing options to filter the items. The solely idea of only being able to sort by the highest price first and then saying the buyer can still go to last page and go backwards to see the items with lowest price (which 90% of the buyers will be looking for) let’s me bump my head against a wall.

You are removing options while what is needed is more and/or better options to filter search results and get straight to the things we need.

I could go on with how many times we have suggested filtering options that would benefit everyone but that would have no point. My time is too valueable for me to just waste it here while you don’t listen anyway. Threads like the “let us build the envato of the year 3000” is just to keep the guys who suggests good things (and therefor also complain often) busy. There are a lot authors who already have understood this that you are treating us like lemmings who you feed with “community threads” to keep us busy while you do anything you want.

I honestly think the best thing that could happen in this state is to have a strong competitor to envato that let’s you lose out a lot on members and therefor have to wake up and rethink how you do business.

edit/ actually, this post just happened to end up in this thread, Damir. I hope you know that this would fit in any other staff thread we have seen in the last 2 years, where you ask for “feedback” (or “feed-thetrolls-back” ;). So don’t take it the wrong way, you are surely a great Dev, just your bosses fail to give you the right tasks…

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Creattive you are right. They say one thing but do completely different. That pisses me off as well as many authors – as we can see. But still I don’t get why they do that. I am sure that there has been change in staff so now some different people are responsible for the same tasks which they don’t do in a professional way. Search system is fked up, now we see a banner to microlancer at the bottom, they removing the search filters instead of adding more of required ones, cloning portfolio tabs instead of improving and keeping tidy single one. This is bullshit. This is my full-time job right now and I am really worried and angry.

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