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wvg says

I’ve spend hours looking around and found some very well done templates, but a bit confused. Mainly I’ve seen various goodies from different authors and was wondering how or if I can combine modules from different authors, if so how.

For example several templates are very temping and are edgy graphically speaking but lack one or two meat and potato features, like a blog or if they have that feature they’re rather bland from a graphics standpoint, can’t use or change backgrounds, don’t support sub menus, other wizz bang things.

So what I’m asking is can I buy a more flashy template that’s heavy on graphics and bling then buy another from the same or different author and just access it from the main page of the first by adding a button or whatever?

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DaniMun says

First off, welcome to Activeden and to the forums! :)

Long answer to your question – take into account the large diversity of the templates, the code complexity that varies not only from an author to another, but often from a template to another even if built by the same person, and last but not least, the two Actionscript versions, that is, AS2 and AS3 , that authors use when creating their templates…

Shorter answer – it’s pretty unlikely for you to be able to add any module into any template, sometimes even if built by the same author.

However, many authors build modules that are compatible with their templates, so there’s a fairly good chance for you to be lucky enough to achieve some level of compatibility between a module and a template and be able to integrate them successfully.

Finally, even if the template that you choose lacks certain functionality, you can always ask the author to implement it for you. Given the -most likely – uniqueness of your request, please expect the author to reqest a fee for their extra work, as this would imply a freelance job. Also, please take into account the possibility for the author not to be able to do the job for you due to some reason, such as being busy with other projects. However, if that is the case, you can always ask for other author’s assistance, there are lots of very skilled people on Activeden.

Hope that answers your question :)

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wvg says

Thanks for your response I appreciate it. Actually I have done some scripting myself in the distant past back when Macromedia owned Flash, around 2004-05. I worked through “FlashMX 2004 Action script”, which then was a pretty good entry level how-to book for some of the basic things you can do in scripting. I call myself a “newbie” again, since I’m afraid I forgot much, having done no coding since, so that explains the kind of dumb questions.

So you’ll excuse another dumb questions. I have Flash 5, (not currently installed), are the alternative to Flash that can access/modify AS3 ? I just checked with Adobe and those greedy #$ $ ^(# want $700 for the “cheapest” Flash version. That’s is absurd but typical of Adobe.

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SparkyFlash says

Welcome to ActiveDen!

Answer to your second question:

The alternatives to Flash IDE are FlashDevelop http://www.flashdevelop.org/ (free, PC only) and FDT http://www.fdt.powerflasher.com/ (not free, both platforms). I suggest you start with FlashDevelop, its provides you with a lot of features and is way more than one need to simply edit the code.

For a more complex project I’d suggest FDT – pretty pricey, but saves you a lot of time during development and afterwards in maintenance times.

Regarding your initial question, you can load modules (if there are build to be standalone swf files) in Flash templates sold here (google on to “loading one swf into another”). If you are OK with Actionscript, its even better – you can always customize the code and add additional functionality if you want.

However, I think its certainly better to get one template that matches all your needs to achieve consistent look and feel for your website.

Good luck finding the perfect template!

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