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allexdesign says

I’ve noticed TONS of night club flyers on graphic river but who could actually use them? Only designers who work with DJ’s and night clubs and there’s market maybe for these type of designs only in large (metropolitan cities).

It’d be nice if these designers would instead create video tutorials and show how they are making them. I see a lot of them have digital photoshop painting and special text effects. Would love to see tutorials on those.

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ToivoMedia says

I think of all the print templates on Graphic River, club flyers sell the best. There’s massive demand for them. I don’t think the authors will tell you too much about how they are made since it’s not in their interest. :)

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my club flyers sell more then the other flyers or my photoshop styles

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gbs says

Sometimes it’s the club flyer itself that motivates clubs to throw parties. It happened to me a few times. My friend got the idea of throwing a pool party after I showed him some party flyers. On and on, people need to be motivated in that way and that’s why club flyer sells :).