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jremick Envato team says

Ehh, I’d skip those and get a Pentax K-x or K-r. Both out perform both of those with ease and the K-x is cheaper, the K-r isn’t much more. But, if buying into a particular brand is more important, I’d probably go with the D3100 (or save for a D90 ).

errm… this just posted today on Gizmodo.


For real?

I saw that too, and that’s been going on with the K-x for quite awhile. See, a lot of people see that and knock Pentax’s reputation down a notch, because those people judge based on the appearance of the camera rather than the internal specs (the K-x is a fantastic DSLR ). Over in Japan (I think) the crazy colors the K-x and K-r sport are hugely popular. Not so much in other areas of the world, especially in the states.

The funny thing is, people avoid Pentax for this and yet my K-x will outshoot other DSLRs in low light and at half the cost. It’s about performance to me, rather than brand name or how pretty the outside is (and by the way, you can get these in black, white, etc).

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jremick Envato team says

I have a friend who is PRO – photographer he do photography since 1986 and his personal opinion was Nikon. BTW i just make order i think it would arrive in thursday/friday. NIKON D3100 VR + Standard kit

Keep in mind that just because one Pro prefers one system, doesn’t mean that system is best for everyone else. Nikon has its strengths, as does Canon and Pentax. I know a few Pros as well that have (and some still do) use both systems (Nikon and Pentax), just depending on what they’re doing. They say that Pentax is every bit as good as Nikon/Canon. ;)

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wickedpixel says

I do crappy pictures so I use Canon. entry dslr, entry lenses, entry skill.

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Mocarg Moderator says

Canon 550D :inlove:


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gbs says

If it’s Nikon, my recommendation is: Nikon D90 + AFS 18 -105 VR + AFD 50 f1.8 . If it’s not affordable, I think a Canon system serves your needs well. A 550D (Kiss X4 / T2i) + EFS 18 -55 IS + EF 50 f1.8 is so great.

If it’s about Nikon D3100 or D5000 , I think you should consider a AFS 18 -105 VR over the kit AFS 18 – 55 VR , and buy a AFS 35mm f1.8 for street life photography :D .

And don’t forget to buy a Flash device for it :D

Pentax K and Sony Alpha have very great option (with decent quality) too. But because in my local area it’s not easy to find their lenses, I’m just thinking about Nikon and Canon.

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