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GfromKC says

I’m a copywriter, and I’ve looked at hundreds of templates over the past few years, hoping to stumble on one that would be visual yet good to showcase print content and copywriting.

As it is, I’m still stuck with launching a clunky pdf to enable a user to read the copy in it’s native design habitat without loading huge images or, worse, bare, raw copy.

Come now, folks, designers, photogs, et. al. have scores of templates to choose from. This might be a nice niche for someone, as I can’t the the only frustrated writer out there, right?

What about a clean modern look with a zoom and drag portfolio function, not unlike the techniques used for jewelry or clothing. Or, something akin to the zoom/drag action seen in magazine/catalog browsers?

Thanks, Gayle

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contempoinc says

Could post up some examples of copywriter/print content type sites that feature the functionality you’re looking for?

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GfromKC says

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen something like what I am imagining to showcase copy. (I’ve been fortunate to work with some awesome designers, and their work undoubtedly enhances the appeal of the copy product.)

My present portfolio is here…annoying, especially with Firefox! I feel like I have to keep the number of items showcased to a minimum to curb the irritation of a pdf launch for every link. http://gayleleonard.com/portfolio.html

I’ve wondered if it would be feasible to handle like Google maps, only with a printed piece instead of a map. Zoom in, drag, etc. so someone can actively skim & read the copy. http://www.forevermore.net/photozoom/

Or if resolution/sharpness could be maintained, maybe a magnifier-type deal? http://valid.tjp.hu/tjpzoom/ http://www2.gucci.com/us/us-english/us/classics/mens-shoes/

Or, maybe it might be something simpler, like upon a mouse hover over a copy block, a popup would display the straight text in the popup.

I looked a bit this year for something similar to lightbox that could handle pdfs, but no luck there. I also couldn’t quite figure out how one would handle multiple pages without a corny page-flip action.

Thanks for listening! Gayle

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jremick Envato team says

There are tons of options and ways to get things done on the web. Most of the time, it’s just a matter of finding what fits your needs specifically.

You mentioned handling multiple page pdf’s but without the corny flip page action. You might want to check out www.issuu.com for multiple page pdf’s. It uses flip page action but it’s the best I’ve seen and is actually enjoyable to read magazines and other materials with it. A friend of mine recently had me code his design with a page to open the magazine in full view. You can see it here: http://www.pleasebelieveinme.com/magazine.html

Here is also a service for embeddable pdf’s with the google maps like interface you mentioned. I found this pretty fast on Google search so there may be better options but it looks like a pretty solid service.

Anyway, hope this helps. Oh, you might also consider hiring a freelance designer / developer to just design something for you to fit your needs. I would imagine you could get something pretty cheap and it would be to your specifications. I work freelance and I’d be happy to talk to you about it if you would like. You can contact me via my profile contact page or at jremick@jremick.com

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GfromKC says

Holidays over back to work… Thanks for the good suggestion, I did in fact give Scribd a try and it seems to be a nice improvement over the old pdfs and a good short term solution. You remind me, though, that the best long-term solution is a custom one. A good goal for me in ‘09! Thanks

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