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klaus2go says

Siimple: I think these are all very good points that you are making. As this thread develops I think it also makes sense to clearly state what a customer buying a theme can expect and what not.

I can certainly see some benefit in Themeforest providing some guidance and maybe setting some standards on both sides. Why not have a clear rating system on how much support a developer is willing to supply. I think it is totally fine if a developer says: “sorry no support, you are on your own” as long as that is clearly stated. Some other developers might want to offer limited or even more extensive support (for a fee).

My experience is that I need to tinker with a theme first to see if it really does what I want it to do. Have a 48-hour return option is something else that would help me a lot.

I am glad you and other developers have taken the time to reply. If I sounded too harsh then I certainly apologize. I hope this conversation can provide a chance to learn (buyers, sellers and the team at Themeforest).

On a general note: I am a big opponent to threats of any kind. I like us to find common ground and work together :)

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FinalDestiny says

48-hour return option so any user can register, pay for the theme, ask for a refund and then keep using it. It’s not like you’re buying something and it doesn’t fit you or something. You see it, you test it so think twice before buying it. If it doesn’t work as on the demo / as specified, TF will give you a refund, but that’s highly unlikely since it passed the review process.