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mislav2014 says

Dear all,

I would like to edit the navigation menu bar on the left (change font size, colors etc), since it doesn’t look like the way I saw it on the live preview (http://themes.umbrella.al/?theme=nordic). Now it appears as a list with blue color, appearance that has nothing to do with the original one presented on the live preview. On the Appearance>Editor, it seems that there isn’t any navigation menu script to edit. Neither the css code appears in the Stylesheet.css. I also disabled all the plugins in case there is a conflict with your theme, but no luck. Furthermore, in the Header.php I changed the ‘theme_location’ to ‘Nordic’, but again no luck. The version of Wordpress I have now is 3.9.1.

Could you please inform me on how to edit the navigation menu bar? All in all, I would like to have the theme that appears on your live preview.

Thank you for your time and interest.

Best, Mislav

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PremiumLayers says

hi Mislav, please open a support ticket in their official support site : http://support.umbrella.al/

have a nice day!