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These bad ratings have started to grow a few months back. Maybe this has something to do with one of the UI changes, for example the official encouragement “After you try the file, please rate it” on the Downloads page.

Just a few months back (a year tops), there was like 3 or 5 authors with 4 stars or less on this page:


And if you have a look now, there are only 16 out of 50 authors who managed to “keep” the 5 star rating.

This is not a coincidence, something happened – and I can assure you the quality of items on TF is getting better and better which is the exact opposite of this bad ratings trend…

If only Envato would store some global data of the ratings, like when a how many stars… then someone could take an initiative, analyze it and actually help us with this growing issue by telling us what was the global breaking point – if there was any.

And yes, I also think some buyers will give you 1 star if you don’t do what they want for free and asap.

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Bebel says

I belive buyers demand more and more features on the one hand but can’t handle the complexity of the themes on the other. I would really appreciate not to show the rating in such a popular way until we found a fair way to rate items. We give hell of good support and still people freak out because you don’t want to implement a certain, custom made feature for free or because it takes you more than 24 hours to answer…

Maybe you could ask to write a sentence in a box each time you rate or otherwise the rating won’t count?