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danhass1 says

I’m totally new to using non-WYSIWYG web design software, and it looks like I need to start using Dreamweaver or something for the themeforest theme I purchased: Primento (http://themeforest.net/item/primento-one-page-portfolio/2105485).

I’m just so confused on where to start, and I was hoping someone could give me some advice. Is Dreamweaver the best choice for me even? I want this to be very personalized and professional, but I don’t want to spend days on days hacking at this project. Thanks!

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pixel-industry says


If you have no experience i suggest you to get a professional and you will get quick service without any hassle. But if you have time or want to learn something try with Dreamweaver or you can even start learning HTML and CSS , it’s good to know something about web tehnologies because you might need to change something later.

Good luck

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andy001 says


As a beginner level once can use Dreamweaver. This is the best tool for learning the web design.

Thanks and Regards, Andy