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fuelthemes says

Page builders and style changers, I am ok with, and I think they offer great usability for buyers.

However, some themes just pack 5 different themes into one.

For example, imho, Avada deserves its sales because of its great customizability, but they are all based on a single template. However the next item, not so much.

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ImanGM says

I believe that most of themes in ThemeForest have this capability to look different by changing their theme options and demo content but the only difference is that these items have shown different demos with different theme options and demo content which make clients think that they are really special…

By the way, I don’t like this new trend because this way purchasers will go for more options than more unique designs…

And finally it will be more difficult for end users to work with these items. Did you notice that we have so many ask for help threads in forums regarding a specific theme in a few last days? (which I believe at least 50% of these posts are there for advertisement to let people know that they have released a new version) but anyway IMO they have less satisfied clients and this is not a good thing for our community in long term…

Just my 2 cents.


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guuthemes says

This insanity has to stop soon. Page builders and a few different header variants (Slider, Static Image etc..) I can live with, but I think it’s really unfair to have these ‘300 themes in one’ priced the same as ‘standard’ WP themes. Like has been mentioned, how can we compete here?? The buyers are going to go for more bang for their buck, and it further devalues many authors on here, who don’t want to create these monster themes!!

I had a comment, and 5 star review from a buyer recently which I think nailed it -

“Very beautiful, well designed theme with good support. Not a whole lot of features, but what it does it does very well”.

I don’t want to have to design & build these monster themes thank you very much, I want to carry on taking my time to create great designs, with enough theme options to make a buyer happy enough.

Let’s not be having this conversation again in 6 months time Envato, hey?


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LubosVolovar says

Totally agree. Having the same price for those mega themes as for standard themes is very unfair. But honestly, I just can’t imagine how should be price of those themes evaluated.

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CreativeMilk says

These days they all do look a like, I wonder how many DCMA requests envato gets everyday…

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onlyvyapar says

yeah that is right that they are having like tons of scripts and css on one page.

but here i want to tell one thing for sure. themeforest is encouraging other to check those accepted themes and hard reject of soft reject if any one have simple but effective design. i have checked so many themes in rejected discussion.

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supersimple says

It’s a battlefield with the unfair competition and it’s leading to agressive / cheap marketing as well. A lot of buyers fall for it. I aggree that the pricing should be higher for those themes with pagebuilders and dozens of plugins. However, I don’t think Envato will do anything about it. “Why change a winning theme?”

I think that if Envato keeps going on this way, they’re going to loose specific buyers, because it’s becoming more and more difficult to search / filter for a specific theme you want.

Since a lot of buyers are looking for the most popular files, they’ll probably only going to find multi-purpose-pagebuilder-300-demo-themes. The buyers who want simple and clean designs (without the bloat and unneccesary codes) will buy themes somewhere else. (At least, that’s what I think.)

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Anps says

Well just to give you an insight, do check wp sections and see which of the files came to top and you can also see some unique designs and there sales are?

And while I was browsing trough comments of those humangus newcomers, I noticed that customers are asking for even more features and options despite that it is packed with tons of stuff and a lot of demo’s. So basically most of us that are shouting here are in minority I guess. I think envato knows that, which is why they choose to ignore us all.

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pixelgrade says

This is not a discussion about what customers want (some much greater people have said it better before me – most of the time customers don’t know what they want, and this is ok – this is why we as designers have a role in this world), but this is a discussion about if and if so, what is the short and medium range strategy of Envato (what ever it is it’s not in those “visions” that they are pushing to us).

But why do we keep our heads busy with this? We do this because some of us are in this 100% and have businesses to run and people to support. So how can one do business with another if the other has no clear path and is not willing to discuss about it? And on top of this, he starts gathering strange company around him as time goes by. This is not what we used to be, right?

Now to the more hard facts. While I do see Envato’s need to make money (there is nothing wrong with that) I can’t help but wonder what is Envato’s edge today? How can one survive at playing a game so easy to copy by others? Any marketplace can go the multi-purpose way. If it is volume we are talking about, then watch out for asian authors (they are totally gonna trash us, if they aren’t already). Envato had an edge of attracting top designers (it was even rumored how hard it would be to be accepted, and not due to malevolence, but due to high standards – remember those times?).

So where does that leave us? I am looking at the Wordpress themes list and I can’t help but notice that every multi-purpose theme has ratings and a bunch of sales from day one. The other themes… rarely one that sticks above the water and stays there. Sure it can go just fine for a few weeks but eventually goes down in sales. We’ve even come to judge good sales on two levels, hyperthemes (aka multi-purpose themes) sales and normal themes sales. Almost like those huge themes deserve a marketplace of their own.

Ok. I am gonna stop here because ….

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visualkicks says

My idea might not work, so don’t judge if it’s not on point or inline with your ideals.

I think there needs to be a larger range in pricing for themes. A $10 dollar difference between a blogging theme that has taken 2-3 weeks to make and a so called “GOD” theme that has taken a team of people 4 months to make is ridiculous. From a consumer stand point, an extra $10 dollars is nothing if you take into consideration all the extras they would get. Design quality aside, most people wont think twice about that choice, which is sad and unfortunate for people who take pride in quality design.

The pricing needs to be something like $35 > $80 dollars. The fact WordPress themes are still maxed out at $55 is insanity.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for well designed niche products. But Envato could do a much better job at representing all authors here by pricing themes more appropriately.

We should be asking for better pricing, not necessarily higher theme regulation, because as we all know that will never happen.

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