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mrcharlesbrown says

Sorry to all the people affected. I will be praying for you.

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WebSmacker says

I live 7 hours away from where this hit and I believe we were hit by the same storm system. There was golf ball sized hail and we had some tornados in Iowa, but luckily none of them touched down. It’s so scary when the tornado sirens go off and you have to take your kids down to the basement. You have to keep them calm and try to stay calm yourself, while listening to what sounds like a freight train pounding your house. I am thankful that we are safe and my prayers go out to everyone who lost their homes and/or loved ones.

The Red Cross is in Oklahoma making sure that people have a place to sleep and food to eat. Any and all donations would be helpful, just go to RedCross.org.

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MSFX Volunteer moderator says

yeah thinking of you all, this is pretty awful :(


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LightLotusProduction says

Our thoughts are for those in Oklahoma. Stay safe guys, we are praying for you.