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pepe1975 says


I am new on this. I need to buy pictures for my website from Photodune. The question is which quality to purchase that would give the optimal trade off between quality and download speed on the viewer device (desktop and mobile).

I am using Themeforest X – Ethos demo 1

Extra Small    574 x 348 (0.2MP)    $1
Small          995 x 603 (0.6MP)    $2
Medium          1816 x 1101 (2.0MP)    $3
Large          3145 x 1907 (6.0MP)    $5
Extra Large    5126 x 3108 (15.9MP)    $7

Thank you

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Landonw says

Why not have both? Purchase the size you NEED and save for web in photoshop, you can lower the “quality” quite a bit depending on the image without losing any real quality.

Using a CDN as well as pre-setting the width and height of your image will make them load quite a bit faster aswell.