(Locked) Outrages Copy my own Template - Design & Animations I need help in making a complaint

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corethemes says

“And honestly, I have seen tens of themes like these two, even on Themeforest, cannot see why all the fuss is about, resolving to some members like Virtuti directly abusing them! That is beyond spiteful, to say the least.”
Nikos, you crossed all the borders. Well, let’s wait for a while. He who laughs last, laughs best.

Ha. I crossed all borders. A customer asked something and was considering purchasing, and virtuti here told him to “buy the original” and that the “template would be removed in a week due to copyright infringement”.

Customer harass?

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infuse01 says

Wow…nice community here….

I’m getting really frustrated as more as I read here. I keep reading the whole thread and simply don’t know what to say. Authors calling out each other, calling out their files, everyone makes his/her own opinion but no one takes a sh** on a proof? But it doesn’t stop here – now the bashing is swaping over into the item comments? Warning potential customers of something which they haven’t proofed by themselves?

What’s going on with all of you guys? I mean, I know this is business and it is a hard one but hello – this thread shows an average attitude of some teenagers. Even the author of the item in question has moved onto this thread just to clear up something and is ready to “discuss” and you’re still going to bash? Where is all this hate coming from? Who to blame for that?

C’mon – keep on working your own items and let them both handle this situation PRIVATELY – with DMCA, Law Suit or whatever it needs to get sorted.

Nuff said…

@KingDog any specific reason why you leave such a thread open? Yes Free-Speak and No-Censure, and please don’t misunderstand me but we still have forum rules or did I miss anything?

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PixelBin says

The buyers will give you, Ben and also the author exactly the sales you will deserve. There is a circle in this life dear Ben that pays everyone the way they did things. And by this i am supporting all authors that create things on themeforest and work for it, spend months for improving and development.

And also, i am an author here on envato and have almost 3 years of experience here and i can see when someone just copies an idea or as in your friend case or your partner copies an entire template and makes 20% adjustments.

Good Luck with Sales. I am betting that the template won’t sell as it should :) See you after 1 week of sales. :)

Supporting all authors that work hard on all the templates and fighting against all other authors that just seek rapid growth by copying others.

He is not my partner, I am not in anyway affiliated with him.

If you think he’s stolen it, report him, stop bitching and whining about it.

Don’t patronize me I understand the work that goes into a template, and I would never steal a theme, I was just giving you a different look at it, that you obviously don’t care about.

I do support all authors that put the hard work in, but it’s a lot easier to support them when they have a good attitude.
Yes I’d be more than annoyed if someone stole my theme and tried reselling it, but if someone suggested going to envanto support instead of crying about it, I wouldn’t attack them.

Hi Ben,

I am not worried, dear Ben, already purchased the template, and i will seek legal advice. My right is to sue a person when i think have a strong reason. This is my right and no person can take that from me.

I have purchased and make screenshoots, also recorded the screen to have a point in animations and the similar functionality and will seek legal advice.

If i am right or not the court will judge that.


You really need to calm down. Your theme looks like hundreds of others before it. If you think you’re not in the wrong, I assure you, you are. Spend your time and money on making more products rather than complaining about others.

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mediacreed says

KingDog I do apologize and I kindly ask you to close/lock this thread.

I never understood why the big authors are so rare in replies on the forum. Now i figured out why.

After spending time and thinking about it i consider that i find that the best decision is to not file a DMCA and not punish anyone. If i am right then in the end the number of sales will prove it.

As the final message to this thread: I apologize to all authors that i have might offended and wish you all a wonderful life and an amazing upcoming new year!


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KingDog Staff says

Yes it’s probably best to lock this baby down.