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I’ve actually seen a pretty big increase in referrals over the past couple months… although I’ve never had more than a handful convert to $$$ in any given month so I’ve never paid much attention. That said, my rise in referrals has been matched by a steady rise in my web traffic at my main site. A 3000 % drop is huge though… has the drop also been reflected in your web traffic? Do you use something like Google Analytics to track this sort of thing?

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Envato team

Where does everyone post links to get such a high amount of click throughs and registered members? I had 550 click throughs last month 0 registered members and this month only 120 so far and still 0 registered members.

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sorta consistent here: will see after Jan.

July 2009 52 Clickthroughs 5 Registered Members 1 Deposits
August 2009 276 Clickthroughs 7 Registered Members 3 Deposits
September 2009 261 Clickthroughs 2 Registered Members 2 Deposits
October 2009 303 Clickthroughs 13 Registered Members 2 Deposits
November 2009 336 Clickthroughs 7 Registered Members 5 Deposits
December 2009 603 Clickthroughs 4 Registered Members 5 Deposits
January 2010 180 Clickthroughs 0 Registered Members 0 Deposits

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@epicera – We based the 3,000 % solely on the ratio of clickthroughs to registered members. I figure that should cancel out any traffic fluctuations and minimize any sticker shock distortions.

Since we joined we’ve actually had a strong and steady increase in conversion rates, and December was shaping up to be our best month yet with quite a few registrations and deposits daily. After the changes, though, registrations and deposits fell to almost nothing. We haven’t been members for that long but here is our complete stats – you can see the steady increase from July through November and then the stark dropoff.

July 2009 286 Clickthroughs 2 Registered Members 0 Deposits
August 2009 6918 Clickthroughs 79 Registered Members 22 Deposits
September 2009 10125 Clickthroughs 147 Registered Members 45 Deposits
October 2009 11182 Clickthroughs 166 Registered Members 63 Deposits
November 2009 16610 Clickthroughs 254 Registered Members 112 Deposits
December 2009 14003 Clickthroughs 53 Registered Members 36 Deposits
January 2010 4583 Clickthroughs 2 Registered Members 3 Deposits

@digitalimpact, @alanpolhoatzin, @WildeMedia We post our links everywhere ;) (DeviantArt, YouTube, & our websites: webtreats.mysitemyway.com, icons.mysitemyway.com, tutorials.mysitemyway.com)

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I have noticed a drop as well though it is no where as bad as your Webtreats

November 2009 2292 Clickthroughs 11 Registered Members 4 Deposits

December 2009 6328 Clickthroughs 3 Registered Members 2 Deposits

January 2010 1923 Clickthroughs 1 Registered Members 0 Deposits

very interesting to see what others are getting

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I still want to see Envato change the way the referral system works. Just a one time one user referral commission just doesn’t do it for me. Every other affiliate program I have been involved with rewards the affiliate for each sale and not just one. I’d really love to see this changed/revamped!