OverCustomized wordpress themes. Aren't we missing the point here?

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Shouldn’t a platform like wordpress be as simple and efficient as possible? Shouldn’t it be just usable? Shouldn’t the themes be focused on aesthetics, good code and proper functionality?

Come on people! Themes with 10.000 options? 500 fonts? Where is design? where is inspiration… I think we have turned it into a customizable skeleton without personality. I find myself when designing a WP theme to be restricted by the idea that is should be as much customizable as possible. And this is driving me crazy.

This kills inspiration. This is killing design. And just a few authors cannot change this. There must be a collective effort to return the WP themes to simplicity.

Let’s focus on typography, on color palettes, on UX. No, I do not want the user to be able to change the font that I have so carefully selected and tested, into Georgia, when Georgia is not an appropriate font for the design of the theme. I do not want him to change the background color into red and the text color into yellow.

There should be a golden balance out there. I am not saying that all themes should come with 0 options, but at least let’s make it logical. Let’s keep the inspiration, let’s keep the personality. Most of the themes out there are copying each other. This sucks. And it leads nowhere.

If we care about wordpress at all, and not only about a long list of customization options, let’s talk about this.

My 2 cents. john

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I agree, but there will be tons of questions like “Wait, what?! I bought the theme and I can’t change the fonts easily? I can’t do that? I can’t change that?”. Without all the customization options and fancy stuff, the sales would probably drop. Even if 80% of the options are not used by the majority of the buyers, they still need them to be there, just to sound cool. Nowadays it’s not about the design/functionality, it’s about how you advertise it.

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I have to agree with Final. This is a marketplace and for many here it’s a business. Why does your computer has that many options and possibilities which are never been used by 90% of the users?

Because others may find it useful and decide to buy just that computer/theme because of that command line tool/background-color-picker

To reach all customers you have to include many features even if it’s only for marketing reasons

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I so much agree with JohnPixle….

Personally, I like each theme offering its own restricted features+options and its unique design. The best themes I have seen here do not offer dozen of features. Because the design is so stunning that you just do not feel the need to change anything.

If you look at the latest themes, they are loading slowly just because they incorporates so many unused features.