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luckykind says
Someone had told me to leave Javascript/JQuery for the last thing to learn, but I’ll follow your guide instead. :]

There’s no exact order that you HAVE to learn them in… my theory on it is this:

All you need to build a good working website is a good understanding of HTML and CSS …

If you want to spice it up for the end user… add in some Javascript…

If you want to make things easier on yourself on the back end, and make your site more dynamic… learn PHP /MySQL or some other language…

Since you were interested in diving into Wordpress… You can just learn just HTML /CSS & PHP … but at some point, you’ll want to spice things up… and if you don’t know any type of Javascript… you’re going to have to stop and learn it…

By the time you’ve become some what good with all of it… they’ll be even more new things to learn, or old things that have changed… it’s an ever constant battle of learning and doing and learning some more…

it’s not going to happen over night… but can often be rewarding and help propel you in other areas of interest… good luck! ;)

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Jonathan_Vivid says

Lucky: You’re making a lot of sense, so I honestly think your order of learning is the best way to go about it. Thanks so much! :]

Ivor: Hm, I’m definitely interest of checking them out. With the monthly payment, do I get thirty days, or just until May starts (if I register today)?