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rmaggs1 says

Hi, I purchased the Ovid theme a while back and recently updated Wordpress to 3.4.2. In doing so it appears that there is a conflict with the new version & the homepage sliders. It’s functioning but the images are not loading. I deactivated all the plugins and that did not do the trick. Could someone please take a look, I would greatly appreciate it.


Thank you!

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sevenspark Volunteer moderator says

Hi rmaggs1,

This is a general ThemeForest forum. For support, it’s best to contact the author, as only they are very familiar with their theme.

However, I took a quick look and see that:

1. The theme is not installed in the proper directory


It should just be themes/ovid – looks like you installed the entire download package rather than just the theme itself. That could cause trouble.

2. It looks like your timthumb permissions might not be set up properly. Your image source:


is not resolving to the image.

Hope that helps! :)