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berkoWitZ says


I´m looking to develop a flash game like Paperboy but with a 2D view (side-scroller) and much more simple.

The kid in the bike is always going ahead, but if I press the forward arrow faster well, it goes faster, if I stop pressing the button it returns to normal speed, but always moving. In the “track” there will be 5 opportunities where I can press UP and he will throw the newspaper to a “hole” or object to score.

At the end I have to make a jump over a big hole, If I don´t make it I basically fail, If I make it I win and the score of how many newspaper I score and my time are displayed.

Please honest, responsible and fast people :)


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outandouter says

If you haven’t found anyone yet, then I might be interested in this job. You can reach me via my profile here. Thanks!