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So basically if you buy something in the shop worth 100 EUR they will charge you 129.74 USD + 3% ? Or this applies only when withdrawing money ?

Buying from shops should be without commissions…

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Yeah they shouldn’t charge those $3.25 for direct transactions, but you still had another $9 charge on top right? Was that your first load/withdraw? How about the monthly fee and card activation fee, were those charged separately? I’ll have to ask in a shop to see if they’d let you swipe the card instead of putting it in, how is it in Italy? You have a chip and you insert the card then pin number right?
upon receiving first payment from envato they took montlhy fee and card activation fee (charged separately).

just made a new single transaction 500eur (670usd) withdrawal (from BNL atm) and fee was about 20usd

you’ll pay cross border fees (up to 3%) for any purchase outside us.