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motionvids says

Thanks for all your input guys. Great to see all your opinions on PayPal. I thought PayPal was pretty harmless but it seems I’m not the only one this has happened to. I will probably switch to SWIFT transfers once this is all over. Can’t afford a company to have such control over my finances, it freaking scares me.

But let’s not give up yet! Because others have to wait 6 months, doesn’t mean I have to. :) I have established some sort of contact through Twitter (@AskPaypal) and now I am awaiting them to email me.

I did some research last night and I found some personal information on my PayPal account that was a little out-dated. I created this account years and years ago and have never even looked back at that page.

It seems when you create your PayPal account you have to give up an “average monthly payment volume” which was estimated way below what I earn now. Also my company was assigned to a category that has nothing to do with what I do as company at all. This might have confused PayPal when they took a closer look at my account. But that still doesn’t give them a reason to freeze my balance without telling me about it or contacting me in any way. Doing good business apparently gets punished these days?

Anyway, awaiting an email from their Twitter helpdesk.

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KrazyKartoons says

I’m with PayPal since 2006 and never had any issue with them before.
The “horror” stories I heard from people are scary indeed! and hopefully it won’t happen to me or to anybody of you guys, and if it is for a good security or other reason that could be solved in less than 24 hours and not… months.

I’m wondering if your PayPal account type & status are:
Account Type: Business | Status: Verified

Maybe that’s why some of us don’t have that problem, or maybe it’s nothing to do with it I have no idea… but this thread could help other Envato members in the future.

It will be very appreciate if you will update this thread with what happened and hopefully that you will get your money fast.

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motionvids says

Okay the issue has been fixed! That was a lot faster then 6 months :bigwink:.

I’m not sure what the exact problem was but I now have full access to all my earnings again. They told me nothing was wrong with my account and when I looked everything was miraculously set to normal again. My full balance became available again. A miracle? An automated process? A sneaky trick? Maybe. I don’t know. They could only tell me nothing was wrong with the account. Bottom line is that they resolved it very quickly and that you just have to know where to contact them.

I’m still awaiting a reply to my initial email, so contacting them through the logical support channels is something I don’t recommend.

Be sure to follow and tweet @AskPayPal and ask them to help with your problem, they will then follow you back and you can continue your discussion privately via DM on twitter. Another tip I got was to tweet directly to the CEO of PayPal. This seems to resolve your problems even quicker.

I’m not sure what to do next. Don’t want to see them pull another trick again, or getting stuck in some sort of loophole in their system, or whatever happened. Also DOL > EUR rates are at a low point these days, so it wouldn’t be profitable to withdraw everything at once to my bank account.

Anyway, thanks for all your concerns and debates on this topic. I hope this thread can help shed light on shady PayPal cases in the future.

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WebSmacker says

Like @KrazyKartoons I have been with PayPal for 7 years, business verified and I’ve had thousands of dollars come through without any problems (not just Envato). I also love having a PayPal debit/credit card so that I can have direct access to the money and use it anywhere that accepts MASTERCARD, which I also earn 3% cash back on with every purchase. I also have the card swipe device that attaches to my phone to take payments from customers face to face, and I can take a picture of a check to directly deposit it into my PayPal balance. Their android application has a sleek design and is pleasant to use, and I have only nice things to say about them.

I do feel sorry for people that have had issues with them, but with great communication like @motionvids and perseverance, I bet you will come out OK in the end 99.999999% of the time.

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Braxas says

I had this same problem. Paypal need more verification information. Now I have full access to PP. Time of my verification on PP was 5 hour.

One of reason of veryfication? Union Europe directives of stop washing dirty money.

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s4nji says

I noticed KrazyKartoon used Business account type, and had no problem after nearly a decade.
Mine was Premier and got permanently limited January this year, after 4 years of usage.
Perhaps I should have used Business? Which account type are you guys using?

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