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Nimbus125 says

Hello everyone,

I am a Life Coach, Author, Trainer, and Speaker. I am currently looking for a Wordpress template that can portray me as a personality with responsive features, blogging, video & photo sliders, social media icons, and all the things that would make my website alive and interactive for the viewer to know about me. Look at it as a one-stop-lookup place on the web. I want it to be personal rather than corporate looking. Most of the themes here look corporate than anything or lack the features that would give me, the brand/personality, ability to showcase my blogs, projects, and more.

Do you know a theme here that’s available?



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DzincStudio says
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sandra_2010 says

Hi Khaled,

We’re interested to take this up. Please send me the full details so we could evaluate and give you a quote accordingly.

Kindly email me at sandramercado2010 [at] gmail [dot] com


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samuelthan says

Hi nimbus, I’m interested to offering you my service to enable you to be successful. If you like to chat more, you can contact me via my profile or directly – contact [at] samuelthan [dot] com