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I use I Need a Budget 4 – it’s simple and quite effective.

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Have you tried pen & paper? ... i’m not kidding :D

+1 I manage pretty much all of my work an income on pen and paper from to dos to income and expenses

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Hey guys,

using https://www.waveapps.com/personal/ and so far it has everything I need, recommendations :)

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Hey guys, using https://www.waveapps.com/personal/ and so far it has everything I need, recommendations :)

it will be good when they get reconciliation launched: https://support.waveapps.com/entries/21500086-I-d-love-a-bank-reconciliation-?page=1

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“Anything that is tracked and measured, improves”

A brilliant quote from the guy who founded GoDaddy (but kills Elephants).


I am mad about personal financial tracking. I track each and ever personal expense as it happens with Toshl.

I don’t use the web interface and I don’t use it to add my incomes, I only use it to jot down expenses.

You add an expense, you tag it, done.

I can view expenses by day / month and tag.

If I eat out at a restaurant, I’ll tag an expense as food, eating out.

If I eat streetfood, I’ll tag the expense as food, streetfood.

This way I can see how much I spent on food for the month and drill down to specifics.

The iPhone app is super easy to use and supports multiple currencies.

I earn in US Dollars, but I live in Thailand – So I enter the Thai price, but it shows my daily total in dollars.

No matter what country I’m in, I can enter the price in local currency and it’ll convert it (at current exchange rates) to US Dollars.

I’ve tried many personal finance trackers, especially as I travel a lot and need to monitor budgets – and Toshl is the winner for me.